Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We're Putting the Blog Back Together: The Birth of Virtual Bands

Just when you thought all you needed to put together a rock band was some instruments, some attitude, and a garage to practice in, along came That’s right! The next Nirvana, or Jay-Z may be a mere mouse click away.

In the tradition of open-source coding let’s aspiring, but not necessarily talented musicians bang out a few chords on their instrument of choice and share it with other musicians anywhere there is an internet connection. Once an “artist” has recorded and uploaded their music to the site it’s free game for other musician to record over, tinker with, or just jam to. The golden rule is that all artists must credit any work they borrow from or alter; ensuring that everyone gets credit for their work.

The professor of my grad class, MP3 Culture, sent the URL out to his students so that we might discuss it in our next class. I must admit I had my doubts when I first read his e-mail, but after visiting the site I can see its appeal and how it might actually succeed in producing quality music. Think of it this way, before this site existed, musicians were limited to their local gene pool to find other musicians to jam with and create music. could make this pool much bigger. In turn talented musicians may not be limited by their band mates’ abilities. In addition, by opening up their ideas for others to critique and alter, they could stumble onto a few keepers that they may have previously left for dead.

Don’t get me wrong! I think that there was a reason that John Lennon and Paul McCartney both in Liverpool at the same time. Putting fate aside however, there are plenty of possibilities here. Currently MVB is still in its infancy but they already managed to create a radio show based around MVB artist as well as feature the best work they have to offer under the featured songs section.

Listening to the songs I get the feeling that most of the artists are middle-aged Kiss lovers trying to recapture their youth, or teenagers trying to get their angst out. But, in all honesty, there are some decent tracks available. While you won’t find the next “Wind Cries Mary” just yet, the creative juices are obviously flowing. As the users and catalog grows there might just be a “White Album” or at least a ‘Framptom Comes Alive” worth of songs out there, waiting to be made.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Arthur Vance said...

I stumbled onto MVB through their Podcast. I agree that it's a cool idea. I posted some tracks for retro 80's rock tune that I had been working on. Within an hour a guy in California had posted some lyrics ideas and another guitar track. How cool is that. It's not about the style of music, but just finding other musicians to create with.

I'm going to link to this posting from my By Ear blog.


At 9:28 PM, Blogger senecal said...

Wow, thanks for the great writeup on MVB. Very cool to hear that our site was discussed in your class! One of the cool things about MVB is that it is open to all styles and talent levels. We're currently developing some great tunes so be sure to visit the site often!


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